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Commissions FAQ

Upholstery Commisions

Do you provide free estimates?
Yes. The simplest way to receive an initial estimate for upholstery or restoration, is by sending a photograph via email, social media or text. We will respond with an estimate based on the image. This will include labour costs and parts, but not top cover fabric. Please bear in mind that damage to frames and springs may not be evident until the chair is stripped of its covers. Before additional work is carried out, Katie will call you to confirm any additional costs.

How much is upholstery fabric?
Fabric can cost anything from £15 per meter to £100s per meter.  Therefore, this depends upon your requirements and budget. An average price is £25 per meter. We can point you to suggested fabric designs & suppliers online and request samples on your behalf. 

Are you happy to use my fabric for an upholstery commission?
We particularly love using vintage fabric and, if you would rather we used your own fabric, this is sometimes possible.

We will always need to check the suitability of fabric for upholstery and the use of your own fabric may incur extra charges. This may be due to the need to install a flame retardant barrier cloth - for example - in order to meet UK fire regulations for furniture, by which upholsterers are bound.  

We may decline to use a customer’s own fabric if we think it is unsuitable - but please bear in mind this is because quality and safety is important to us


What are upholstery courses like?
The courses have a relaxed but purposeful atmosphere for beginners, improvers and more advanced learners. 

Does it matter if I have never done an upholstery course before?
No, Katie can take you through the processes and demonstrate the skills you need. She has experience in teaching upholstery to all abilities.  

Do you provide tools and equipment?
Yes, everything you need is provided, except your top cover fabric. You will need to bring the fabric you wish to upholster with and, if it is a bring your own chair (or stool) class, you'll of course need to bring that along too! 

Do you provide materials required such as stuffings and fillings?
Yes, these are available to purchase for an individual project (bring your own chair/stool) class. They are included in the course fee - where indicated - for courses where the project is pre-set, such as making a footstool.

Do I need to do any preparation ?
A photograph of your chosen project is required at the booking stage. This can be emailed. Katie can then decide if it is a suitable project and explain how many sessions may be needed (according to your skill level). You may also wish to strip down your chair - if you have previous experience. This helps make the best of the class time. 

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